Bộ điều khiển driver servo RS Automation CSD5

 RS Automation OEmax CSD5 Series

Giới thiệu về dòng Drive CSD5:

The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used throughout the factory automation. It is designed to reduce equipment installation time with excellent control performance and simplified gain tuning and network functions. Linear Motor Control Solution and Indexing Functions which CSD5 provides, allow the user to design the equipment without a separate host controller.

Optimal performance in position control:

  • 3MHz high-speed pulse input
  • Support all types of pulse input method
  • Available of System-optimized fine-tuning as 4 gain applied
  • Improvement of resonant vibration restraining feature by notch filter

Do not need of additional master controller:

  • Provide indexing function of 64 points
  • Support various and convenient home-return method of 11 modes
  • More convenient and easy operation is possible via Multi-Drop control of ModBus RTU protocol
  • Possible for easy operation via one parameter tuning
  • Provide powerful PC interface, RSWare
  • Possible to monitor multiple servo drives with a PC
  • All I/Os can be user-defined

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